Welcome to our website which is an important part of our legacy. There are lots of resources on the site please use any content free of charge but we ask that you credit the source as Pecket Learning Community (previously Pecket Well College) at www.pecket.org.  If you show other people films produced by external film makers remember to credit them too.

For more information contact: Nick Pollard who was our Chairperson throughout the Oral History and Archive Project (2011 to 2014) and skillfully steered us to our closing date of 31st May 2014.

Nick’s contact details are:

Tel: 01142 2252416 Email: n.pollard@shu.ac.uk 

* Have you missed out on education like us?

* Are you a ‘teacher’ or ‘tutor’?

* Do you get paid to make important decisions about education?

* Do you know someone who is struggling with their education?

Then we hope our story will inspire you. Most of us are working class adults who missed out on education and have difficulties with reading, writing and/or numbers. Some of us have improved our skills but others still find these a real struggle. This reality has affected every area of our lives – social, education, financial and our health (physical and emotional).

This film about the day our college building opened appeared on local ITV Calendar News

Something happened in 1985 that made us dream a dream that changed our lives! To raise funds to buy and run our own residential Centre for others like us.

We put our own education on hold and followed our dream. We overcame many personal barriers and insecurities – we took many risks. We rejected the language and power relationships of formal education. We didn’t want to work as ‘tutors’ and ‘students’- we wanted to work alongside each other as equals. We attracted others who were also committed to sharing power both  in our relationships an in our education. We took control - sometimes maybe too much control…

We had an amazing adventure and knew we were making history. From the outset we recorded everything we did. Recently many of our physical records and work has ended up in a huge pile of cardboard boxes. We are currently gathering our oral history and sorting through these boxes - preserving anything we think might help or inspire others to take control of their own learning.

We want to share what we have learnt and ask questions that have yet to be answered. We have produced lots of resources which we hope you will use, share with others and improve on.

Let us tell you our story!  Click any of the sections above to find out more….


The Store Room is our archive. This is where we have collected everything from Pecket Well College. In the Store Room you can...

  • look at photographs
  • watch short videos
  • listen to sound recordings
  • look at PDFs
  • read documents

You’ll find photos of college events and activities, our poems, writing and artwork, letters, minutes from meetings, and much more.

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