In this section of our web site you can watch videos about Pecket Well.

For people who have difficulties reading and writing coming to Pecket Well College and walking through our large green front door took immense courage.   Once in and beyond the green door people discovered a place where there were others like them and after a cup of tea and a warm welcome they could relax and be themselves.  Difficulties with reading and writing affects all aspects of a person’s life.

For others who had worked in ‘basic education’ as tutors it was also a big step – letting go of power and finding new ways of working.  The ‘Pecket Way’ of working was challenging and rewarding for everyone.

Some videos are recollections by people of their journey to get beyond the green door and become involved. Pecket Wellians were involved in planning and recording them.

Some are archive footage including longer videos produced by Pecket Wellians as part of our work many years ago – these explain what Pecket is, who we are and how we work. Some are up to 20 minutes long but they were produced for people like us who could not read leaflets or reports.

Note: We are still awaiting copyright permissions for some archive films and hope to add more later.

Unfortunately we have some BBC footage but cannot afford the £250 per minute license fee to show it to you!