This ‘journey stick’ is a rough timeline of Pecket Well College using brief text information and photos, audio clips, films and artworks to give you a sense of how we use as many different ways of getting information across as we can. We will add more audio-visual items as we continue with our archiving.

It captures some significant events, people and developments during our incredible journey. At Pecket we used journeysticks to help us learn. People went for walks in the countryside collecting objects and a stick along the way:

They came back to the college and attached their objects in order along the stick:

Then they used the journeystick to remember and describe the walk to the whole group. Often these stories were written down by writing hands and recorded. Journeysticks got people out in the countryside and helped people to get used to eachother and relax. Telling their stories helped with confidence and communication skills.

You can explore the journeystick in two ways:

1. Click on one of the menus on the left, or

2. Click the left and right hand arrows on the ‘journey stick’ at the top of the page to move backwards and forwards along the timeline.   You can then click on an images on the stick to find out more.




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