Our fight for survival

Pecket’s fundraising track record is very impressive – we will be including a full list of funding obtained in our archives soon to demonstrate this.  In our earlier days our peer approach, commitment to inclusion and ability to engage many ‘hard to reach’ individuals and groups attracted funders.  However later on changes in National an International funding policies  meant that many of the courses Pecket offered were not eligible for funding. Ironically the ingredients that made Pecket courses so successful were what made finding ongoing and regular funding so difficult to find:

* Some Pecket Wellians who ran or co-ran workshops were not qualified teachers
* Most people coming to Pecket didn’t want pressure of ‘paperwork’ and ‘assessment’ that comes with accredited courses
* Courses were run at a pace to suit participants

Pecket fought to maintain its successful way of working – wanting to encourage people by tailoring courses to what interested them and to what was relevant to their lives. No longer eligible for ESF (European Social Fund) or FEFC (Further Education Funding Council) funding Pecket Wellians fought hard to survive and preserve ways of working.

Finding funding for Pecket’s approach to education was becoming harder and harder.
Director and voluntary worker Billy Cryer, who could not bear the idea of the college building being sold,  approached long term friends of the college, Pat and John Smart, who agreed to come back to work voluntarily to save Pecket.  Pat and John, supported by Sandra Breeze and Gillian Frost, alongside a strong team of helpers including Billy Cryer, Joe Flanagan, Peter Goode and the other directors, worked all out from 2007 until  2010 to save the college.  Below is their letter of appeal and leaflet with which they started their fight:

pwc appeal 2008 & short info version for friends

Here is a letter of support from Jenny Simmons, a past worker, written in 2008:

Letter of support Jenny Simmons 2008

Below is a power point presentation that was circulated:

Pecket Well College funding appeal 2008