The Poster incident – Our Magazine Group had to fight for our rights!

The Magazine Group found ourselves coming into conflict with the new management structure at Horton House. Gillian remembers what happened:

“The Students Committee had organised a jumble sale where they were offering tea and biscuits to raise money for a tape recorder to record meetings – taking the minutes was difficult. I got a phone call one day from the education shop worker in Halifax centre.  He asked: ‘How come you’ve allowed out this poster with a spelling mistake in it?’ The word was biscuits – very easy to make a spelling mistake and leave out the silent ‘U’. We don’t have the original poster but have recreated a copy from memory:

That biscit poster!

I replied ‘it’s nothing to do with me, if they want me to correct it they know they can come and ask me and I’ll do it, but they haven’t done and I haven’t got authority over them’ then was told “Your job is to get it right.”  But a tutor didn’t have authority over them and so they then banned the Students Committee from meeting in Horton House on adult education premises without a tutor there”.

Billy also remembers the incident of the ‘biscits’. “I said to the Education Centre, yeah, because it’s the way we spell it. You can’t alter it”.

Both Gillian and our Magazine Group came under fire and the tension grew. The Magazine Group class was cancelled though, Gillian remembers, “the group went to the Town Hall to save the Magazine Group. It was given a year’s reprieve, so I worked with it.” Gillian and two colleagues however finally left Horton House, unable to do the sort of work they and the group wanted to.  Michael remembers the response of the group and his visit to the Town Hall:

“They decided they weren’t going to let Gillian continue doing the magazine group and we were unhappy with that and well, to be honest, I went to the town hall and found out a councillor’s name and contacted him and he got involved. ….”

The rest as they say is history!

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