Courses at Pecket Well College

We ran one day courses, weekly courses (usually one day a week) and weekend residential courses.

An important part of being at Pecket was being able to ‘be yourself’ and not having to conform to any notion of ‘normal’. Another important ingredient was ‘having fun’ – we worked hard but found time to laugh too.

Our ‘Real Chance to Learn’ courses were one day a week and designed to ‘Get your mind working and study what interests you in world. For example history, family trees, education, people’s rights and learning about other countries and other cultures.’ (extract from a course leaflet)

Our New Directions course was also one day a week and ‘a chance to learn without pressure and gain the confidence and skills to find work (paid or unpaid) if that’s what people wanted [it wasn’t a job club as such].’ (extract from a course leaflet) Below is a photo of a fabric banner produced by participants:

New Directions 6 fabric banner

Weekend Courses started at 5 pm on a Friday and ended at 4.00 on a Sunday afternoon. They were free and transport was provided for those who found public transport difficult. We usually met for a day before the weekend so people could meet each other, get to know the building and decide together what we would learn. A few weeks after the weekend we would come back together for a day to see how we had all got on; share experiences and offer suggestions for making future courses even better. Some examples are:

Breaking Free (women sharing experiences)

Here is copy of the course magazine:

Breaking Free – making the world better for women

Men talking to Men – chance to share experiences and learn to listen to and support each other. Below is a copy of the course poster;

Men Talking to Men Weekend – poster

and here is an audio clip of the course leaflet – read by Jim:

Men Talking to Men Weekend original audio clip of course leaflet

Below are some photos taken during the course:

Different weekend courses offered the chance to enjoy so many new experience, make new friends and learn new skills and listen to new ideas: