Horton House Magazine Group
(Halifax, West Yorkshire early 1980s

Gillian Frost (now known as Josie Pollentine) an adult education tutor and two colleagues set up a new Thursday afternoon Magazine Group.  We were a group of working class adult learners and Gillian was our tutor.  We wanted more than Horton House could offer.   Magazine group members bonded quickly and we became friends.  We knew that Gillian, like us, wanted to find a more equal, cooperative and democratic approach to education.  Our group quickly developed confidence and skills in publishing, writing and organising public reading events.

Below are some photographs of us working on the magazine.  Everything was produced by hand or a jumbo manual typewriter as this was in the days before word processors or computers were commonplace.  It was also before desk top publishing programmes were readily available so we cut and pasted with glue and used a photocopier to reproduce documents  in those days!

We produced the ‘Not Written Off’ magazine developing skills of writing, critical thinking and giving constructive feedback to people who submitted their work.

We have found original posters advertising fundraising events which helped to fund the early ‘Not Writon Off’ magazines.

Below is a link to our third and fourth copies:

Not Written Off 3 and Not Written Off 4