Links with Gatehouse and FWWCP (Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers – now known as The Fed)

Gatehouse books set up in Manchester in 1977 and was one of the pioneers of the student writing and publishing movement in adult literary. We linked with Gatehouse at the very beginning of our story and their support and ongoing partnership with us were crucial to our early development.  Gatehouse ran the lay-out day for our first magazine ‘Not Written Off’.

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Not Written Off.  and Not Written Off 2

Later we made links with the FWWCP (Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers) and became members. We attended various regional and national events including a writing event in Speke, Liverpool and met Pat and John Smart who were to play an important part in our history.

Here is a link to a copy of the FWWCP magazine produced just after we became members:

FedNews August 1991

FWWCP is now known as ‘The Fed’ -

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