Our oral history and archive project

Archiving – phew – when we first saw all the boxes we thought we would never get through them all in time. Thanks to VAC (Voluntary Action Calderdale) who stored our boxes in their garage until we could begin to sort through them. We couldn’t have done it without the help of Aaron, Barry, and Ryan. We were so glad to see the end of those boxes! Also thanks to Jennie who helped us with shredding. The last time she was in she was eight months pregnant and felt a twinge or two. Beautiful Ellie-Rose was born a week later and a month early! Jennie is Joe Flanagan’s (founder member) great niece and Ellie-Rose is Joe’s great great niece!

Thanks to Aaron, Barry & Ryan – Lesley and Pol could not have waded through all those boxes without your help!

We’ve had to learn how to convert old files into new computer friendly versions.

Oral history – we’ve enjoyed learning filming and interview skills.

Go to Pecket and Beyond and into ‘Our Legacy’ to find out what happened to the contents of those boxes…