Stones Residential Weekend 1986

Our first residential weekend – and perhaps our most user-led (?).

Harry Reé, the editor of ‘Network’, the national community education paper, had offered us the centrespread in the paper. The members of the steering group planned and organized the whole weekend to write the article.

Here is a copy of that article:

Double page article about Pecket Well by the group in Network magazine 1986


Stones was a self-catering hostel run by a Methodist church for community groups at very low cost, in beautiful countryside nearby. The members planned the menu, organized the shopping for a group of about 12 of us. Peter cooked a big Sunday roast, he was used to catering for large numbers as a lone parent who had brought up 7 children. Robert Merry (the photographer for Write First Time, the national adult basic education paper), a supporter of the Pecket who came from London to take photos, also looked after Sandra’s 2 children. The group included Rena, who was a wheelchair user, and the members of the group took on the caring between them, a challenging role in a hostel with bunk beds and just about accessible. Some of the group acted as writing hands ( Gillian, Portia and Heather a local adult basic education tutor who supported the group). The article was written, all of the group making a contribution, and it was duly published. We were launched a national presence in adult basic and community education.

Click below to look at the photo scrap book we made as a record of the weekend:

Stones Residential at Ripponden photograph album