Developing our management structure

By 1991 our organisation had grown and we had recruited course participants and other new people as Directors. We had 25 Directors at this point and meetings were becoming large (25 Directors plus writing hands) and decision making was difficult. Sometimes we wore so many hats and spent so long in meetings we were boggled! We needed to find a way of making life easier and for people to work and focus on specific issues when needed.

We were able to do this thanks to a grand from West Yorkshire Management Training Scheme. Pauline Nugent, self employed Community Development Worker, facilitated a two day workshop. We devised a structure of Management Group and various sub groups who would feedback reports and recommendations.

Below are the notes from that organisation review that shaped our management structure for many years:

Pecket Well College Management Review Days 1 and 2 notes – 12 Dec 1991

We wanted to keep our rule of everyone understanding our decision making process and needed to find a way of ‘picturing’ our new structure. Malcolm had a brainwave and thought of a wheel – our Pecket Management Wheel!

Management wheel 2

After that review we held regular management training events and devised a system of training new Directors ‘on the job’ by having Trainee Directors in post for one year before becoming full Directors. Below is a sample of training reports that show how hard we worked to make sure all Directors understood their roles and the issues we had to decide upon:

Pecket Well College Management Training Day – 14 Nov 1992

Pecket Well College Management Sub Group Members Training Day – 28 Nov 1992

Pecket Well College Management Training – 30 October 1993

Pecket Well College Management Training For Directors – 11 Dec 1993

Pecket Well College Management Directors Training – 31st August 1999

Pecket Well College Management Team Work Training – 27 June 2000