Pecket Legacy

Our oral history and archive project is enabled us to record and share our story and our archives with anyone who can access our website.    During the process of sorting through our physical archives we  sifted through many hundreds of documents, photographs, publications, artworks, audio tapes and video tapes.  Although it wasn’t our original intention to produce a physical archive we have.  We made links with West Yorkshire Community Archives Service at the beginning of this 2 year project.  We took advice on recording, digitizing and preserving our archive documents and photographs.

We are delighted to tell you that they agreed to take our physical archives into storage at the end of this year and preserve them.

West Yorkshire Archive Service letter.

This means that anyone who can travel to Halifax, West Yorkshire will be able to examine original documents! Go to Pecket and Beyond / our legacy to find out more…

Journeystick image - legacy photo with Dan