PPP – Pecket Publishing Project

Pecket Publishing Project evolved because people wanted to publish their own writing and support others to publish theirs.  The Project aims as stated in 2001 were:

*To help writers with writing and reading difficulties to develop confidence, skills and creativity;  in a self-directed setting, assisted by professionals.

* To train people who are new to writing in publishing skills, through creating a college magazine and running training sessions on marketing etc.   From September 2001 there was be a stronger emphasis on creativity.

* To fundraise for courses (from 2001) on webskills including electronic publishing and website building.

In 2001 copies of the magazine ‘The Pecketwellian’  cost £1 plus 45p package and posting.   Back copies were  free, except for postage costs. See this magazine and leaflet advertising it below:

The Pecketwellian magazine Spring 2001

Pecket Publishing Project leaflet

The PPP ran for many successful years and was responsible for the publication of many magazines, life stories, course reports and other writings.


Below are some quotes of people who took part:

” Together we are strong producing powerful pieces of writing as a unit. This article we are writing is how it happens.  From an idea into a piece printed on the magazine.”

“This writing is how we work and build our articles.  People say “I can’t write like that”- just as I used to before I became involved with ‘Your Magazine’.  I may be an unpublished writer, but I have learned with my own bits, they need a re-write and then another.!

“Now I wonder, how many re-writes did Shakespear do? Did he have scribes, people to do his re-writes for him? and did they correct his spelling and punctuation?  Did they help him to filter out his words and opinions that the people who came to see his plays would find offensive and who paid his living expenses whilst he was writing.?”

‘At P.P.P. we do our own writing, read articles, other peoples’ writing, edit and comment on all of these, ready to be published in the magazine.  We also write an article as a team on a subject that interests us.  This is how we do it.’