Stone Appeal

In early 1990s we launched our Stone Appeal to raise £50,000 to begin the conversion of the old co-op shop and warehouse at Pecket Well.  We asked people to donate and ‘buy’ a stone from £1 to as much as they could afford.  Each person who donated received a paper ‘stone’ thanking them.   Copies of the ‘stones’, many of which had photographs of the people donating were displayed on the wall at our Gibbet Street office.  These stones showed the huge support for Pecket from individuals, community groups and funders and kept us motivated even when we were exhausted!

Below is the original ‘ stone’ which was photographed and photocopied to create ‘paper pledges’ of every donation:


Stone appeal photograph

Below are a few of the ‘stone pledges’:

During 1996 and 1997 we launched the second phase of our ‘Stone Appeal’ to enable us to buy our College building including the flat above before the lease was due to expire.   Every donation helped and gave people who attended Pecket a sense of ‘ownership’.  As usual we were astounded by everyone’s generosity but particularly of people who lived on benefits and limited incomes because of their own difficulties with reading and writing.

We hoped to raise £150,000 to cover purchase of the building and that amount was to act as partnership (or 50:50% match) funding for our planned Lottery bid.  Match funding was very popular in those days!   That bid would include costs of making the building as accessible as possible.   Back then we hoped to fundraise to excavate a ‘tunnel’ entrance from our small car park into the cellar, ensuring safety of people alighting from vehicles from our car park or the busy, hilly main road.