What is ‘The Pecket Way’?

Cooperating, sharing strengths (and weaknesses) and learning from each other!
The shared dream of our own user led college created a strong sense of ‘ownership’ right from the start. We knew what we didn’t want but it took time and trial and error for us to find what we did want! We wanted to challenge traditional power relationships and learned how to do this ‘on the job!’ We had to ‘unlearn’ old ways of communicating and behaving. The ‘Pecket Way’ wasn’t invented overnight. Our learning journey took time, courage, humility, negotiation, and compromise.

Peer training was the essence – people who have difficulties with reading, writing and/or numbers having the courage to ‘come out’ and talk about their difficulties. This honesty helped others to accept their own difficulties and find the strength to be themselves – knowing they would be understood and accepted as equals. Below is a photograph of Peter Goode and Joe Flanagan (both founder members) running a workshop at Pecket:

Journeystick item - The Pecket Way

It wasn’t always easy – we were all strong characters in our own way. Ironically as individuals we had all kicked against ‘the rules’ at Horton House and other education establishments. We created an environment that helped some people blossom for the first time and changes many lives…

In gradually finding a new way of working we drew up different ‘rules’ that are hard to put into words but we have tried:

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