Have a go! Free resources for you to use

This whole website is a free resource – please use anything to help promote better information and services for people who have difficulties with reading and writing.  We ask that you credit the source www.pecket.org and if you show people films produced by external film makers please credit them.  So many people have been generous and given us copyright permission to use their films.

Our storeroom contains many publications and information that explain how we have worked.  Please look through the different sections and use anything that is of interest.  We hope others to learn from our legacy and develop these materials to promote best practice in working with people who have difficulties with reading, writing and/or numbers.

We realise that many of these were written some years ago – from the 1980s  onwards but hope you will find them useful to get you started. Please adapt and improve and we would be very interested to know if you do use any, how and with whom.  They were all written by people who have difficulties with reading and writing and designed to help others like us run and record their own courses, workshops and projects.  For example:

* Side by Side publication – Planning your own course (see storeroom/courses)

* How we trained Pecket Writing Hands – who wrote people’s own words down for them.   We found that this does not come naturally as we often think we are listening when in fact we are thinking what we thought the person said. It also takes training to break the habit of correcting people’s grammar, language or punctuation. All of which can change the essence of the person and what they are saying. (see various documents in storeroom/management and volunteers).

Have a good hunt around and enjoy!