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Paulo Freire
Sources of information about Paulo Freire and his works

REFLECT Methodology
Based on Freire’s ideas  The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) aims to encourage all adults to engage in learning of all kinds.  RaPAL (Research and Practice in Adult Literacy) is a membership organisation which organises a yearly conference and publishes three journals each year.

The Fed’s new website
A network of writing and community publishers

Literacy Research Centre
Based at Lancaster University and works to understand the role of literacy in all areas of social life and to improve communication and collaboration between researchers and educational practice

Global Disability Rights Library (GDRL)
The US International Council on Disabilities has helped to develop the Global Disability Rights Library (GDRL), a broad collection of critical resources for disabled people’s organizations, women’s rights groups, government agencies, academic institutions and others that advocate for disability rights.’s%20Research%20Papers/TheFED%20evaluation%2025.5.10.pdf

Changing Faces
Mary Hamilton’s piece on student writing and publishing is on this website

Newleaf Books
Successor to Gatehouse Books. Address is 5 Wardley Road, Walton, Warrington,
Cheshire WA4 6JA Mob:07984 241863 email:



Other useful articles and publications:

A Beginner Writer is Not a Beginner Thinker, Pat Smart in Kronenberg, F, Simo Algado, S and Pollard N (2005) (eds), Occupational Therapy without borders – learning from the spirit of survivors, Edinburgh, Elsevier Science

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 The Voices Talk Hands Write project which at first involved Pecket members alongside people from Grimsby Writers, the FWWCP and Grimbsy Social Services. Members of Grimsby writers continued to support the project for many years.

Pollard N (2007) Voices talk, hands write: sustaining community publishing with people with learning difficulties,Groupwork 17(2) 36-56

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Section below concerns more general discussion of community publishing and working class writing in the Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers, in which Pecket Well College and Learning Community was an important part.  Pecket is often mentioned in passing or as a specific example.

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