Our Project Steering Group

Our Development Team (all unpaid workers) recruited Pauline Nugent, Project Coordinator and a few Steering Group members. Pauline recruited more members during the project – including past Directors and members. Group members:

* Florence Agbah (Director and Company Secretary)
* Billy Breeze (Founder member and past Director)
* Sandra Breeze (Founder member and past Director)
* Malcolm Burnside (Director and Co-Treasurer)
* Michael Callaghan (Director and Founder Member)
* Billy Cryer (Director)
* Corinne John [previously Corinne Shires] (Past participant and past Director)
* Janet Spencer
* Mary Hamilton
* Michelle Ligocki (previously Michelle Baynes a Founder Member)
* Nick Pollard (Director and current Chairperson)
* Josie Pollentine (Director and Founder Member) note: previously known as Gillian Frost
* Amer Salam (Director)
* Pat Smart (past Director)
* Vincent Twyford (Director)
* Lindsay Walker (Director and Co-Treasurer)

All paid workers (employed and self-employed) report to this Steering Group. People who have difficulties with literacy and numeracy are involved in all aspects of project planning, design, management,production and evaluation. Founder members and others on the steering group are now in their sixties or seventies. Most experience health problems and mobility problems and on-going problems associated with literacy and numeracy difficulties. Our tight 2 year deadline meant working quickly but now we are delighted our site is live and, as planned, includes our oral history, our ongoing archives and other resources.