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Oral history site testers:

Many thanks to the people below who took time to look at our draft website and give us valuable feedback which helped us to improve it:

Hilli Funari-Roche (New Zealand)
Ibrar, Malcom and Stephen – Members of The Hive, Charity supporting independence for adults with learning disability(UK)
Andrew Middleton (UK)
David Quarmby, Chairperson Kirklees Visual Impairment Network (UK)
Steve Parks (UKS)
Ana Rodriguez (Mexico)
Steve Rodriguez (Mexico)

Phoenix Radio PHOENIX 96.7 FM

Thanks to Howard Priestley, Manager and Geoff a volunteer who converted old VHS video tapes to DVD and converted our first cassette tapes to MP3 files. Also thanks to Simon Frost a volunteer who was then able to convert our DVD films to MP4 format so we can begin editing and them put clips on this site.

Thanks to Martin at KVIN who taught us how to use their new machine to convert more of our old audio cassettes into MP3 computer files and then how to edit them to produce useful audio clips for this site. This work will continue for months as we know audio files make our archives accessible to more people.

VAC (Voluntary Action Calderdale)

Thanks to VAC for letting us store our huge mound of cardboard boxes in their large storeage hanger behind VAC offices. In particular thanks to Steve and Wayne who helped us to move our many cardboard boxes – a few at a time!

Very special thanks to Jo Bolland who supported us for many years with advice, information and hands on help when we needed to empty our building very quickly. More recently Jo supported us to make the decision to wind down our organisation and advised how best to do this as a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee.

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Guardian News and Media Ltd
Halifax Courier
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John Glyn (video maker, writer, photographer)
Peter Goode (photographer, poet, writer)
Robert Merry (photographer)
Hebden Bridge Times
Phoenix Radio
Todmorden News


We have lost many friends and colleagues since we began our journey. In addition to those remembered in our ‘Founder Member’ section we cannot forget some very important Pecket Wellians. We will add as many as we can during our last 6 months.

Barbara Callaghan (nee Picken)

Barbara’s contribution to Pecket and her determination to be treated as an equal in spite of her disabilities challenged us, educated and changed us as individuals and as an organisation. The tribute below explains how:

tribute for Barbara Callaghan

John Glynn - supported us from our earliest times and will never be forgotten:

Tribute to John Glynn
This tribute to John Glynn was written by Mary Hamilton and includes words from Gillian Frost and Peter Goode

John Smart

John Smart Tribute