Our site is still very new but we have had fantastic feedback.  For example:

Feedback from Julia Bird, Clinical Psychologist based in Plymouth who agreed to read our draft oral history and give her first impressions June 2013:

Dear Pol (Pauline Nugent)
Just wanted you to pass on a message to everyone involved in Pecket – particularly those involved in the oral history and archiving project. I have just read the draft report and what struck me most of all – apart from the fantastic work you did and what you created at Pecket- was the fact that anything you create now and “leave behind” is not really an end to your work. As I read the report I not only was re-energised to do the work I do and remember the value in it (as if I ever forget, but sometimes I get tired of the struggle!) – but I also learned new things that I can bring to my work. Allocating Word watchers and word spotters, and people watchers. Toffee twins. I am going to use these ideas in my own work and share these ideas with others.
I guess I just wanted to share that it’s clearly not ending-your work is just changing shape, influencing new people in different places.
Wishing you all well. And thank you for sharing your work.