This section introduces our oral history, explains how we went about it and then presents our story in a series of themes identified by Cilla Ross who we recruited to write our oral history.  Each theme shows a short version on screen to give you a flavour of our oral history.  We also offer you:

* Downloadable PDF of the full text of our short oral history; or
* Downloadable PDF of the complete oral history

When we recruited Cilla we were just beginning to sort through our archives and gradually tracking down people for her to interview.

Our tight budget meant that we only had founder member interviews typed up – so Cilla had to listen to many hours of interviews and write from memory.

Initially we thought she would produce a 20 page document but as we tracked down more people from Pecket’s past Cilla continued interviewing.

She also trained some Pecket Wellians in interview techniques so we could do some peer interviewing.

In total she interviewed 40 people and her final document was approximately 99 A4 pages long!

As Cilla says, we are still making Pecket history as we work on this and our ongoing archive project.

We are very proud of our written oral history but mindful that we want to make it accessible to others like us who have difficulties with reading and writing.  Our Coordinator Pauline Nugent has worked with our Steering Group to produce a shorter (edited) version which appears on the website screens and is also available as a downloadable PDF.

Our published a copy shorter (edited)  oral history is now stored in the British Library along with all other books published in the UK. See:

‘Tell It – History of Pecket Well College (1985-2014):
Short version of ‘Telling It’, Pecket Well College oral history written by Cilla Ross 2014.
Shortened (edited) by Pauline Nugent and members of Pecket Learning Community.
ISBN: 978-1-905688-75-3

It is also on the shelves of Leeds Becket University, University of Lancaster; Ruskin College  and many other educational establishments.   Pauline our Coordinator attended a Paulo Freire Conference in Preston in April 2014 which was organised by Nita Freire (Paulo’s widow).  Pecket were invited to deliver a presentation about our history and work.  Billy B, Corinne and Billy C joined  to deliver a presentation on Pecket and our oral history and archive.  Later during the Conference Pauline was delighted to meet Nita and show our website to her and others.  Nita was particularly pleased to watch an archive film in our Green Door section – Liberating Literacy featuring her beloved Paulo plus Corinne; Peter and John from Pecket.

We have done everything possible to ensure that Pecket Well College and all who basked in its glory will not be forgotten!