Funding it – our battle for funding (short version)
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We started funding everything we did out of our own pockets, then grew in experience and confidence and scale from raffles and jumble sales to small funding applications and getting sponsorship to large funding applications and a building conversion (and later purchase)!

Key to our fundraising success?
* Passion
* Working together
* Believing that we and others like us have the right to a good education
* Generous friends – time and money
* Costing our inclusive projects
* Creativity – Tee shirt, stone appeal etc
* Showing we could do what we said we would
* Planning inclusive projects and getting our costings right
* Budgeting for inclusion and access costs
* Relationships with local businesses e.g. Bingo hall, M & S
* Our information pack
* Showing we made a difference
* Involving new people and groups

We gave our time, energy and used our own money for bus fares, tea – everything
We used Gillian’s kitchen table for meetings and training sessions
We ran raffles, charity stalls and coffee mornings all over Calderdale
We successfully applied for small grants from Rowntree Trust (our first £1000) and Tudor Trust
We gained the invaluable ongoing support West Yorkshire Grants to Voluntary Bodies
We got Nuffield Foundation 3 years funding to help us run residential courses
We got support from Yorkshire Arts who funded our first residential – Sharing Dreams
We got financial support from University of Bradford Access Unit to run our New Directions Programme
We got Rural Development Commission funding to renovate phases 1 and 2 of our building conversion, along with a number of trusts
We got a grant from the Lottery Fund to buy the College
We got ESF (European Social Fund) money for our courses
We got FEFC (Further Education Funding Council) for more courses

We have mentioned a few of our many funders here – for more information about our funding history visit the storeroom.