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Cilla’s headings give a sense of what can be learned from Pecket’s story:

* Everyone can learn

* Reading and writing are just two skills of many

* Everyone has dreams and a common goal is good

* You are never too young or old to have a dream

* When you believe in something, in this case ‘the Pecket way’ people fought for it and found immense confidence and inner resources by believing in it

* Everyone is Creative

* Given the chance, everyone has creativity within them

* Common Sense is a great skill that can take you lots of places

* Freedom is important because it motivates you

* A place of your own and user led provision is important

* Confidence gets you everywhere.

* The strengths of being a campaigning group and being serious

* Starting from where people are at

* Radical risk-taking is good

* Peer learning is the best learning

* Realising a collective dream takes a lot of hard work.

* People need time