Appendix 2: List of oral history participants
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With thanks to everyone below – names are in alphabetical order:

Eric Appleby
Raphael Benoit
Sandra Breeze
Malcolm Burnside
Billy Breeze (referred to as Billy B)
Michael Callaghan
Dave Clapham
Billy Cryer (referred to as Billy C)
Tim Diggles
Paul Emmett
Barbara Flanagan (referred to as Barbara F)
Gillian Frost (now known as Josie Pollentine)
Peter Goode
Barry Goulding
Ann Greenwood
Jan Halliday
Mary Hamilton
Ashley Jordan
Michelle Ligocki (previously Michelle Baynes)
Shami Malik
Florence Mana Agbah
Ali Mantle
Janet Mitchell
Frank Murphy
Colin Neville
Kate Nonesuch
Mary Norton
Pauline Nugent
Nick Pollard
Helen Pratt
Corinne John (previously Corinne Shires)
Mary Shwarz
Pat Smart
Bonnie Soroke
John Thornton
Lindsay Walker
Ken Walpole
Tom Woodin
Tina Wyatt
Lesley Yellow