Opening it – Pecket Well College opens its doors
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Pecket Well College opened on the 11th March 1992 as a residential centre with meeting rooms and accommodation that could sleep 16 people.

One friend of the College remembers an early visit:
“It was a shell when I first saw it, with all of the shop shelving there. It was not a classic education building, but that was a massive plus. It was clear that it belonged to the people who ran it. They had made it theirs. There was no blueprint for an adult literacy college – because there wasn’t one!”

Everyone got involved which helped to foster a strong sense of ownership not only amongst Pecket Wellians but amongst community groups and a range of participants.

Opening day is remembered by everyone – a huge and exciting event:

“Everybody that were there, there were a couple of hundred there, I think. Everybody held hands, went in one door and out the other. You couldn’t really get round the building because it was joined to houses. We just held hands, walked around, through one door, out the other, in the back. We had a party and put some bits on, bits and bats of what we were doing there, poetry, arts and crafts.”

The holding of hands was important. “We were all a chain, all over the building, different rooms and we all formed this holding hands and we went out one door and in another door”. The architect, who we met earlier, also remembers the opening. ”It was a marvellous celebration. I was so proud on their behalf – of what they had managed to do”

There was a publication from the day as well as lots of taster sessions run. Another participant remembers:

“The opening lasted three days and we had people coming from all over and just celebrating, writing in the Open Day book and then on the last evening, we had a firework display, most amazing. We had our logo lit up in the sky, and all the windows were all lit up and it was… It was mid-March and there was terrible snow falls, and it was treacherous, there was an absolute sheet of ice.”