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Pecket’s approach to teaching can be summed up as below:

* Everybody has life experience to share and can help themselves and others learn

* Everybody has creativity

* Peer education provides unique encouragement

* Traditional roles of ‘tutor’ and ‘student’ can build barriers to learning

* There is no such thing as ‘hard to reach’ individuals or groups

* Outreach is essential and sometimes needs more than one visit

* An element of choice takes the fear out of learning

One visitor noted that:
“Tutors were very respectful to students. They believed in students’ abilities and clearly wanted to help them as best they could. Empowerment – when I think of Pecket I think of empowerment. Control moves to the students rather than teacher leading and dominating. There was a huge emphasis on improving students communication skills both verbal and written. The teaching approach was very much about improving students’ confidence and helping them realise they had something to say. Lot of students didn’t think their words meant anything but peer learning and what they did at Pecket, meant they valued words and listening.”